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Lip Care Set
Lip Care Set
Lip Care Set
Lip Care Set
Lip Care Set
Lip Care Set

Lip Care Set

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Homemade with love from Texas

This deal includes the following:

1- Lips Scrub Smoothie

1-Travel size Lip Scrub Smoothie

1-Lip Balm

 You can choose 3 sets (bundle deal) for one low price.   Please make sure to write to us on the comment section to specify what 3 flavors your will like. 


Lip Scrub Smoothie:  Sugar, Honey Powder, Sunflower, Olive, Grapeseed oils, beeswax and cerabellina wax, citric acid, cetyl alcohol, flavoring & herbs.

Lip Balm: castor oil, olive oil,soy been oil, candelilla and beeswax, flavoring & agave