Due to COVID-19, Our processing time is being slightly affected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we are trying to take every precaution to make sure our products arrive safe and quickly as possible. Shipping at this time is taking a bit longer so please understand that the 3 to 4 day shipping is from the date the product is finish. we make items as they are order for your safety.


TruPeace is a family operated small business, that is proud to introduce a variety of great handcrafted soaps and other skin care products from our home to yours. At TruPeace, we do our best to handcraft & put together natural products which ranges from exotic fragrance, colors, Vegan friendly, and herbal goodies to keep your skin looking its best. Due to our products being handmade, we try to capture every customers sight and we do our best to make sure your feel clean, fresh and moisturized. PLEASE be aware that because our products are handmade they will be a slight different between each bar and so please allow slight veriations from pictures on the site. Our soaps are meant to inspired a calm and peaceful sensation. One thing that stuck with me was the comment a elderly lady said to me was “If  it is not good for you to eat… then why would you feed your skin unhealthy things too? With that being said, we want to present to you something you can be proud to use and feel totally confident that our products are free from alcohol, unnatural chemicals that can harm your skin, plastic additives or some weird name you cant even pronounce… 

Finally when it comes to scents, because handmade product contail natural ingredients with  no chemicals added, the scent will be slightly lighter then a regular store bought bar. 

I hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoyed making them and may our little TruPeace creation transport you to peaceful moments capture in time!!!!!

Yours… T&T