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Do-Nut- Forget me

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Homemade with love for you!

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Specially if they are Vegan!!!!!

These colorful doughnut bath bombs are not only adorable, but they make for a great bath experience as well.  The best part is that doughnut bath bombs are the only doughnuts I know of that are 100% calorie-free and fat-free!

(This is sold by the weight, other retain stores prices are above 10.00)

*Different scents to choose from

*please note that all deeply pigmented bath bombs have the potential to stick to residue on the surface of your tub. A clean tub is recommended before use. You may shower after to remove any additional residue. Older tubs may experience discoloration over time due to their porous nature. To prevent this,  always clean your tub with a cleaning agent after every bath .I do not recommend washing hair if you are using a bath bomb. Some colors could stain light colored hair.  Always remember to use caution when exiting tub for it can be slippery due to the oils used in making these bath bombs.Please speak with you doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before using.

Anyone with skin allergies or contact sensitivity with unknown causes SHOULD contact their physician to see if a skin test is recommended before using any of our products.  When an ingredient is of concern DO NOT PURCHASE THE ITEM.  TruPeace soaps will not be liable for allergic reactions to our products.  

 Ingredients:  baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, SLSA, natrasorb, corn starch, rice bran oil, some may contain coconut milk, shea butter or mango butter, sprinkles, hard frosting, Mica, skin safe coloring, dried herbs or oats, fragrance oils.