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Roll On Perfume oil
Roll On Perfume oil

Roll On Perfume oil

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This line of product is made with all natural and good quality ingredients.  Our Roll on Oils are package in clear bottle and some of them will include natural dehydrated flowers for a beautiful look.  You have the choice to select 4 different scents (with many others to come)  

*Roll On Plastic Top

*100% Natural (no alcohol or dilutions, no animal by-products)

*Net ,31 FL OZ (9.2ml) picture included to represent the size

*Candy Love= This is scented with a warm sugar like candy scent and is slightly pink in color.

*Adorable= This one is favorite, is scented with a a mixture of TrusBlend secret oils, with in there is some Cherry, Patchouli and there is pieces of hibiscus flowers for decoration.

*Morning Kiss= This fragrance is awakening and bright to the senses, it has a lovely spring, tropical orange like scent with some calendula dehydrated flowers. 

*Smooth Lavender=  This is my best seller, smooth calm lavender scent.  Lavender is a great scent for relaxation and it promotes calmness and wellness. 

Ingredients:  Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, jojoba oil,Essential Oils, Rice Brand Oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, dehydrated flowers.